Sunday, February 1, 2009

Paper + Cutting = Art

Peter Callesen, a danish artist, is using the good old A4 white paper in an absolutely magical way. By cutting out intricate, sometimes simple, designs and using the cut out paper to sculpt fantastic forms, he marries 2D with 3D.

The range of his art is quite extensive, even with the very limited use of material and complete lack of color. However, the pieces all have a dream like, magical expression in common. Callesen gets his inspiration from fairy tales, romanticism and memories from childhood.

"Angel" has that dreamy feeling, with almost religious connotations. The cut out shape resembles Christian iconography with the angels wings stretched out and surrounded by the beaming light that is halo-like in its execution. The sculpted cage with the angel trapped inside creates a stark contrast. In a way it reminds me of Plato's allegory of the cave.

It's a quite different feeling in "The Closet". The little sculpted closet merely hints at what it holds in store. It's in the negative space that the real story is told, where the ghosts, ghouls, skeletons and demons lurk in the shadows.

"Big wave moving towards a small castle made of sand" is one of my absolute favorites. The simplicity of the shape and how the paper is used to show the motion of a wave makes this so full of feeling and life. The little defiant castle and the big threatening wave are so different, yet I get the feeling that they are dependent on each other. I imagine that after the wave has hit the castle, as it retracts back into the ocean it would pull the castle back up with it, like an endless cycle of destruction and creation.

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